29 Dec

The island of La Gomera is a land of legends, more specifically the municipality of Vallehermoso, in which there has been the mysterious presence of witches. One of the best-known legends is “Los Chorros de Epina”, located on the borders of the Garajonay National Park. Seven pipes represent love and misery. You got to decide which one you want to drink from. 

The legend says that in the old days its waters were like a mirror to look at. If the reflection was clear, luck and fortune in love were guaranteed for you, but if the reflection were cloudy, the lack of love and misery would follow you forever. 

And that was what happened to Gara, the princess of Agulo, who during the festivities of Beñesmer peeked into the waters of the fountain, without knowing anything about it. At first, she saw her reflection clear, but after a short time, it began to cloud. 

Scared by what happened, Gara ran to ask Gerián, the wise man of the place, who gave her a mysterious message that made her worry even more: “whatever can happen will happen. Run away from the fire, Gara, otherwise the fire will consume you”.

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